Beginning of the Year Forms FAQ

Beginning of the Year Packet

Am I required to fill out my Beginning of the Year Forms online?

No – you may request a blank paper copy of the forms from your school.

Can I use my Schoology login?

No, this site is not a product of Schoology. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one by Clicking Here!

I can't remember my password, how do I log in?

You can reset your password by clicking “Lost Password” in the bottom right of the login page. Alternatively, you can Click Here!

I've received my password reset email, but the link won't work!

If you’re trying to reset your password on mobile, you might need to try opening a new password reset link on a computer.

I tried to reset my password, but the system can't find my email!

That means you either don’t have an account, or you’ve typed the email incorrectly on the reset page. You can sign up for an account by Clicking Here!

I've logged in, but I don't see my children on my account!

You need to manually add your children to the account. You can find instructions on how to accomplish this on the dashboard section titled “K-12 Packet”.

I see children on my account, but I can't access their forms!

You need to fill out the Parent/Guardian Information. Please refer to the section on the dashboard titled “K-12 Packet”.


You need to select your student’s school and grade in the “Student” section on the dashboard.

Where can I find the application for KCS Virtual School?

Does enrolling on this website register my child at the chosen school?

No – you will need to contact the school if your child is not officially registered in WVEIS.

I've reviewed all FAQ topics and still need help!

You may contact

Out of Area Transfer

Do I need an account to submit Out of Area Transfer?

No – when the transfer form is active, you can find it in the Public Form Repository.

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